Neon Dots Connect all the Neon dots in ascending order. The connecting path cannot cross itself. Start with 1.
0 0   219
Ski Slalom Ski Slalom winter game. Move left and right to turn and ski between the 2 gates everytime. Turning d...
0 0   205
Color Catch Catch the blocks with the right color. Move the catchers at the bottom to match it with the falling...
0 0   198
Snow Balls Catch all the snow balls. Use the arrow keys or tap the arrows on your screen.
0 0   203
Red and Green Shoot cannon balls and move the animals to their own sweets. Move to aim and click to shoot.
0 0   197
Aerobatics Perform Aerobatic stunts. Use the arrows on screen or the arrow keys.
0 0   203
Unlock The Lock Try to unlock the lock. Tap when the moving line hits the yellow dot.
0 0   614
Color Circle Stop the pointer at the correct color. Click to stop. The pointer indicated the color where you need...
0 0   559
Fruit Cubes Fill the shapes with the Fruit Cubes. Drag the cubes into the shape and try to fill the complete sha...
0 0   567
Saloon Shootout Shoot the bad guys before they shoot at you. Click/tap to shoot. Click the bullets (top left) to rel...
0 0   406
Giant Slalom Giant Slalom winter game. Move left and right and ski right of the red gate and left of the blue gat...
0 0   398
Coloring for Kids Fun Coloring game for kids. Select drawing and start coloring. Save or print your work.
0 0   395
Pizza Shop Serve the best pizzas in your shop. Take and serve the correct orders to your customers.
0 0   366
Rocket Tap Tap to shoot rockets and hit the target. Hit the stars for extra points.
0 0   444
Stay in the Dark Stay in the dark and kill all the lights. Move around and hit the lights before you are exposed.
0 0   796
Jigsaw Jam Cars Complete the Jigsaw Puzzles with cars. Drag the puzzle piece to the right spot. A piece always is at...
0 0   688
Farm Town Grow your Farm and your crops. Grow and harvest your crops and research new machines. Click on the t...
0 0   770
Bounce Ball Bounce the ball and collect the stars. Click/tap to move the ball down.
0 0   705