Save Your Goal

Save Your Goal


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This is a game that belongs to the football games, but unlike the most games that come from within this specific and very popular game genre, this game really stands out from the others. To get even more precise on this, this game is different because you are in a position to save or defend your goal from the incoming balls that are shot and are heading towards your goal. So, you probably understand that in this game, you happen to be in the role of the goalkeeper and you'll see how fun and entertaining that can be instead of playing a standard football game in which you are always in a position to attack by dribbling, passing and shooting the ball to the opponent's goal. So, the controls in this game are very simple. Once the ball is kicked, you need to save it and by moving the mouse towards the ball and pressing the left kick in the correct moment you'll be successful in saving the ball. Have a good fun

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